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Friday, February 27, 2015

2008 Bronze Medal of Valor Recipients

Andrew Davis, Gregory Galliano, and Caleb Peckinpaugh

On the evening of November 1, 2007, Officer Andrew Davis and Officer Caleb Peckinpaugh were in the Joseph E. Rooney Police Facility when they heard the broadcast of a vehicle that had just crashed into a building located right next door to the police station on Franklin Boulevard. Officers Davis and Peckinpaugh, along with other officers, ran out of the police station to the building next door. Other officers had already arrived and were trying to manage the scene.

The victim's truck had crashed into the front door of the business and was quickly becoming engulfed in flames. The driver was trapped in the driver's seat and was non-responsive. Officer Gregory Galliano had broken out the passenger door window and opened the passenger door in an attempt to access the driver and rescue him. Flames were beginning to encircle the cab of the truck, and the building above the officers' heads was completely engulfed. Officer Peckinpaugh climbed into the cab of the truck and grabbed onto the driver's right arm. The driver was a very large male and his lower extremities were pinned. Officer Davis assisted Officer Peckinpaugh by pulling on the driver, but they were only able to get his upper torso to move toward the door. The officers were beginning to feel the effects of the smoke, but did not give up their efforts to save the victim. At this point, the front windshield had burst and the fire was entering the cab of the vehicle and beginning to burn around the driver. The officers briefly backed away, but then re-entered the cab. As the fire was now an immediate threat to the officers who were trying in vain to extricate the driver, their sergeant ordered them to cease their efforts. These officers reluctantly complied. Officer Peckinpaugh made one last attempt to stop the fire from reaching the driver when another officer arrived with a fire extinguisher. He tried to extinguish the flames, but was unsuccessful as the fire was not too intense and fuel-fed.

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Marcus Frank

In the early morning hours of September 26, 2007, Officer Marcus Frank was on patrol in the area of Glen Hall Park when he saw what appeared to be a large structure fire. As he drove toward the smoke, he saw that it was a house on fire. Officer Frank immediately advised dispatch to contact the fire department.

The garage was on fire and it was spreading quickly to the living quarters of the home. Officer Frank attempted to alert the occupants of the residence by pounding on the front door and windows, but was unsuccessful. Fearing for the safety of the occupants, Officer Frank attempted to gain entry. The front door of the house was secured by a locked wrought iron metal security door. Using a technique that he had learned from prior contacts with the Sacramento Fire Department, Officer Frank grabbed hold of the metal security door and after several attempts, was able to pull the security door open. He then forced the front door open and began yelling for the occupants to exit the burning residence. There was no response.

Officer Frank entered the smoke-filled home and searched every room of the residence, finding no one in the home. After clearing the residence, Officer Frank began notifying the adjacent neighbors to prevent any possible injuries and to inquire about the homeowner. Captain Scott Williams of the Sacramento Fire Department stated that they would not have responded in time to save a life if the occupants were in fact home. Per Captain Williams, Officer Frank's actions by entering the smoke-filled and burning residence would have saved the life of the occupants if they were inside.

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Matthew Hubbard

On the evening of August 30, 2007, Officer Matthew Hubbard responded to a call of a kidnapping that had just occurred. The suspect had armed himself with a gun and forced his way into his ex-wife's residence, kidnapping her and their four-year-old son. While enroute to the call, responding officers located the suspect vehicle traveling southbound on Power Inn Road.

Officer Hubbard moved into position behind the suspect vehicle as officers prepared to perform a felony vehicle stop. After officers activated their emergency lights and sirens, the suspect vehicle came to a stop. Officer Hubbard exited his vehicle and could hear the suspect vehicle engine revving. The suspect vehicle was rocking back and forth with what appeared to be a struggle inside. Two faint popping sounds were then heard.

A few seconds later, the rear passenger door opened and a four-year-old boy inside the vehicle was screaming and crying. Officer Hubbard yelled for the boy to come toward him. The boy jumped out of the vehicle, but was too scared to move further. The boy was now in the line of fire between the officers and the suspect vehicle. Fearing for the boy's safety, Officer Hubbard left the safety of his patrol vehicle, ran up, and grabbed the boy out of harm's way.

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