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Thursday, February 26, 2015

2009 Bronze Medal of Valor Recipients

Jeffrey Carr and Adam Wilson

On the late afternoon of December 17, 2008, Officers Luke Moseley, Jeffrey Carr, and Adam Wilson responded to an apartment complex at 842 Rancho Roble Way regarding a subject who had called 911 saying that he wanted to commit suicide by lighting himself on fire. The caller's lower level apartment was one of the four in a cluster of apartments which consisted of two lower and two upper level units with front doors facing a shared alcove. Upon the officers' arrival, the caller's unit was fully engulfed in flames which were spreading into the alcove that was also filling up with smoke. The Fire Department had not yet arrived so the officers began an evacuation and rescue operation.

Officer Carr saw that there were people still in the apartment across from the one that was on fire. Officers Carr and Wilson both attempted entry by kicking the door, but the flames coming from the caller's engulfed apartment were too intense. Officer Carr went around to the patio area to try to get the occupants out through the back sliding door. Seeing that there was a female walking around the apartment, and a large male in a wheelchair who appeared unable to walk, he went back to the front door to attempt entry. He kicked the door again and was successful. He quickly approached the male subject in the wheelchair and pushed him out the front door past the flames to Officer Wilson who was assisting in the rescue effort. Officer Carr returned to the apartment to assist the female occupant out, but observed her going out the through the back door and over the patio wall with the assistance of Officer Wilson. It was later determined that the male in the wheelchair was the original suicidal caller who set his own apartment on fire.

Seeing that there were still occupants in the apartment above, Officer Wilson climbed over the wall onto the patio of the lower level unit in attempt to facilitate their escape down the upper level patio railing. Officer Moseley also came over into the lower level patio to assist after he was unsuccessful at kicking in the front door of that upper level unit. One of the upstairs residents came down the railing, but the other two remaining occupants were reluctant to do so. Officer Moseley then climbed up onto the upper level patio and into the apartment. To prevent smoke inhalation, he covered the faces of the two occupants, one of whom had a broken foot and was clinging onto her cat, and quickly escorted them out the front door and down the burning stairway.

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