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Sunday, June 17, 2018

Random Acts of Good Service

Bravery Defined

SPD officers responded to single vehicle accident, with reports that the car was on fire. As officers arrived minutes after being dispatched, they were surprised to see a vehicle fully engulfed in flames pinned against a guard rail. Even more astonishing was they soon discovered the driver was still inside. Officers grabbed their patrol car fire extinguishers but the flames were too intense to put out. To make matters worse, the driver's door was stuck shut as a result of the crash. Officers entered the flaming vehicle and worked as a team to pull the driver from the vehicle through the right rear passenger door. After dragging the driver to safety, the officers used their jackets to put out a flame on the driver's shirt, which was still on fire. The driver was taken to the hospital and was expected to survive even though he was in critical conditions with 3rd degree burns. The young driver was only three days from his 18th birthday, and had it not been for the unselfish and heroic effort by these officers, he would not have made it out of the burning vehicle.

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Extraordinary Conditions

A woman was taken to the hospital by a neighbor and reported that her husband stabbed her in the shoulder overnight at the couple's residence. She said he was still armed and suicidal, and that he was home with their four children. Officers later made contact with a 13 year old at the door and directed him to safety. They found two other kids and brought them to safety as well. When officers found the suspect they were forced into a stand off when the suspect grabbed his three year old child and held her as a hostage with a butcher knife. He used his child as a human shield, but nonetheless officers were able to deploy their taser. It had little to no effect and complicated matters since the suspect did not speak English. Remarkably, officers kept the suspect at bay while additional officers talked the suspect down, getting him to release the child. He continued to hold the knife to his stomach but officers eventually were able to talk him into surrendering.

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True blue Sac PD Christmas Spirit

A SPD sergeant received a call from a north area officer who was helping out downtown for one shift. The officer asked if he could go out to the north area around the end of watch to do some follow up. The sergeant had questions about the officer wanting to do "follow up" so close to his home station at the end of watch on Christmas Eve. The officer reluctantly explained that he had been on a vehicle accident yesterday where an 11-year-old boy had been hit on his bicycle. The boy was transported to UCD. At the hospital the boy asked about his bicycle, which was destroyed. The crying boy explained that it was his Christmas bike that was given to him early because he couldn't wait to ride it. Knowing this family would not have the means to replace it, the officer purchased a new bicycle that night. It was waiting in the bed of his personal truck, and his "follow up" was to deliver the new bike and helmet.

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Sometimes This Job Doesn't Pay Enough

SPD officers responded to a call of a man who was beating up a female that was holding a baby. When officers arrived, they contacted a man who matched the description. He was bleeding from the head and had bloody knuckles. He was handcuffed and voluntarily sat in the backseat of a patrol car while officers canvassed the area. Witnesses said the detained suspect was trying to start fights with anybody he could. He soon became agitated and attempted to break out the back windows of the patrol vehicle, but could not because of the bars. He even sat up on his knees and tried to push his back against the back window in efforts of breaking that window. Officers decided to hobble the suspect to prevent further damage and injury. While struggling to control him, he spit at officers hitting them in the face and uniform. Officers attempted to locate the female who had been assaulted, but had no luck. The suspect was taken to jail where he continued to bang his head into the wall inside the jail. He was finally booked for resisting arrest and an active warrant.

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The Trifecta: Gang member ~ Parolee ~ Gun

A SPD officer was on patrol near a major intersection when he spotted a gray Honda driving erratically. The officer decided to contact the driver as he pulled into a Taco Bell parking lot. After seeing the patrol car, the driver immediately got out and ran. After a brief foot pursuit, the suspect was taken into custody without a fight. Officers soon located a fully-loaded (30 in the magazine and 1 in the chamber) SKS assault rifle on the front passenger seat of the suspect vehicle. The assault weapon smelled like it had recently been fired. Officers conducted follow up and found a witness from an earlier drive by shooting who positively identified this vehicle as being seen just prior to the shooting. The suspect was found to be an active gang member and is a CYA parolee.

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Case Open, Investigated, Closed

Officers responded to a robbery at a Wienerschnitzel. When they arrived, it was discovered that a man entered the doorway next to the drive up window and took the cash drawer while simulating that he had a gun. Coincidentally, CHP Tac unit officers had been in a foot pursuit nearby. They lost the suspect, but he dropped a cash drawer while running away. Officers detained a subject at the scene that was seen loitering with the suspect prior to the foot pursuit. He was found to be a parolee at large and officers obtained information that potentially identified the robber. On their next shift, the officers went to Weinerschnitzel with a photo line up for the employees after roll call. They positively identified the suspect, and later the officers located the suspect at his grandma's house. The officers found evidence that linked him to the robbery and even got a confession.

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That's Not For A BBQ

A man entered a mini mart on Marysville Boulevard, squirted lighter fluid on the clerk, and threatened to light him on fire if he didn't give him the money. The suspect then tried to light the clerk on fire with a lighter from the front counter. He was unable to get the lighter lit before the clerk's friend came into the store and scared off the suspect. The clerk got a partial plate and said he could identify the suspect. Over 24 hours later, SPD officers spotted a vehicle with a subject driving that matched the description. The subject was detained while a south area unit picked up the victim for a field show up. While waiting, the detained subject led officers to a man he borrowed the vehicle from. That subject happened to be a parolee at large and was at a house right up the street. Officers located and arrested him, then brought him to the field show up as well. The second suspect was, in fact, identified and booked for assault with a deadly weapon and attempted robbery.

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Pedal Power

A 60-year-old man was mugged one day in the downtown area. The suspect jumped him from behind and took his wallet by force. The suspect fled on foot and the Patrol Wagon was dispatched. Bike officers put themselves on the call. They pedaled at a high rate of speed from several blocks away and tracked down the suspect as he fled the scene. The suspect was eventually identified for the robbery. The bike officers even located the victim's wallet near the flight path, and found a witness who saw the suspect running on the same path and discarding his sweatshirt. The bike officers were so nice to the suspect that he voluntarily told them he committed the robbery while being booked.

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That's No Birth Mark

A citizen was attempting to buy a vehicle from an unknown subject via Craigslist. They agreed on a price and then met at a parking lot for the exchange. As the victim was ready to get into the car and pay the man, he pulled out a gun and took both the money and his car back. While officers questioned the victim, she remembered that the suspect had a distinctive tattoo on his neck. A SPD officer conducted computer records checks based on the tattoo and came up with a name. A photo lineup was constructed and the victim and her daughter both positively identified him. The suspect happened to be a gang member who is currently on parole. He was later arrested for the robbery.

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Walk Your Bike! Don't Conceal A Gun Either...

SPD bike officers stopped a subject for riding a bicycle in the mall and without a bike light. The officers asked if he had any ID. He said no. They asked if he was on probation or parole. He said no. Officers also asked if he had any warrants. He said no. Lastly, they asked if he had any weapons. You guessed it, he said no. During a pat down search, Traci felt a handgun sticking out of his waistband. He was placed into control holds until he and the gun could be secured. Lo and behold, the suspect was on probation, had a warrant and happened to be a validated gang member. Officers collected the loaded gun and gang evidence, and took the K Street Mall bicycle violator to jail.

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