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Friday, August 20, 2010
Incidents are from shifts that start on : August 19, 2010

The information provided allows for a timely snapshot of significant events in our community.  The crimes reported here are preliminary investigations, taken in the field by patrol officers, and may or may not be assigned to a Detective for further investigation.  The information provided may be found after further investigation to be incorrect or false.  Certain details of these incidents have been removed due to potential follow up investigation into the incident and/or for privacy rights.

North Command

10-248222 (Suspicious Subject): Doolittle St / Kelley Court at 1521 hours.

Officers were driving when they observed suspect (Brent) walking down the street with a stolen City of Sacramento street sign with Kelley Ct. written on it.  Officers tried to detain the subject when he began to fight with officers.  A 15 year old approached and tried to assist Brent and then began to resist arrest. The 15 yr old slipped his cuffs off and tried to fight with officers again.  Officers requested code 3 cover because of the large crowd that had surrounded them.  Officers were able to get both subjects detained. Suspect Christian Brent 19 yrs old was arrested for resisting arrest and possession of stolen property.  Suspect #2 was a male 15 yrs old and was arrested for resisting/delaying police.

10-248452 (Assault): Curran/ Northgate Blvd at 1846 hours.

Officers responded to an assault with a vehicle by the suspect on a family member. Information was that the suspect had been seen with a gun two days ago. Officers located the suspect nearby and attempt to take him into custody. He was uncooperative. After attempting to get him to cooperate for several minutes officer deployed less than lethal bean bag rounds striking the suspect. The arrest team was able to take him into custody at that point, although he continued to struggle.

10-248853 (Pursuit): Northglen/ W El Camino at 0203 hours.

Officers were patrolling in the area above when they observed a gray Chevy Caprice driving on W El Camino at a high rate of speed.  They went to catch up to it and a pursuit ensued. One of the passengers tried to run on foot, but the Officer was able to catch him quickly.  The driver was found to be under the influence, and the passenger that ran was on parole and had methamphetamine in his pocket. Arrested: Anthony Delgado 28 yrs old and Joaquin Lopez 30 yrs old.

10-248809 (Domestic Violence): 900 block of Eleanor Ave at 0051 hours.

Officers responded to assist on a domestic violence call and located the suspect in front of his apartment.  The suspect was found to have a warrant for his arrest.  Suspect resisted and struggled with Officers during the arrest.  He was taken into custody and found to have meth on him too. 

Central Command

10-248417 (Traffic Accident): 10th St / K St at 1807 hours.

Light rail train and the police paddy wagon had a very slow speed accident.

East Command

10-248396 (Subject Stop): Martin Luther King Jr Blvd / 9th Ave at 1753 hours.

Probation unit called for cover on a pedestrian stop. Responding officers located a gun in the suspect's waistband.

South Command

10-248133 (Pursuit): Freeport Blvd/ 35th Avenue at 1401 hours.

Suspects were driving a stolen car when they crashed at 21st/Florin Rd. Suspects fled on foot and got into another vehicle which was also a reported stolen vehicle.  A detective spotted the vehicle and tried to catch up to it, but lost it as it left at high speeds. K9 officer found the vehicle at Freeport/35th Avenue which refused to stop and pursuit ensued. The pursuit ended at the rear of the Sac. Zoo as suspect rammed his car through the back gate and all three suspects fled on foot.  One suspect was bitten and taken into custody.  The Zoo was temporarily locked down and all three suspects were taken into custody. 

10-248210 (Assault): 5100 block of Calvine Rd at 1509 hours.

Two teens got into fight at school and have been in a dispute prior.  The parent got into a fight when one of them pulled a gun and shot into the air. Responding officers found the suspect still on the scene with the gun and was taken into custody.

10-248478 (Subject Stop): Mack Rd / La Mancha Way at 1914 hours.

POP officers saw a subject with domestic violence warrant attempted to stop him.  Suspect fled on a bike.  Officers set up a perimeter. Suspect fled into a senior complex and was captured by K9. Suspect sustained minor bites.  No weapons were found.  Arrested was Charles Clay 19 yrs old

10-248307 (near Mack/ Center Parkway): Mack Road/ Center Parkway at 1631 hours.

Victim was walking on Mack Rd in front of the apartment complex when a male Black 20's ran up and demanded the victim's money.  Victim did not comply and the suspect made a slashing movement towards the victim who realized he had been cut on his stomach.  The suspect then fled the scene on foot. Victim had non life threatening injuries. 

10-248242 (Burgalry): 4100 block of Deer Cross Way at 1532 hours.

Officers responded to a burglary and were directed to a nearby residence where three male Hispanics ages 14/15/16 yrs old had possibly fled too.  The Officers performed a probation search at the residence and located the three suspects and the stolen property.

10-248592 (Assault): Massie Ct/ Stockton Blvd at 2112 hours.

Officers responded for a reported fight.  On arrival, a witness was pointing officers towards a direction indicating where male fled. Officers observed a white Buick speed out of the parking lot and away on Stockton Blvd. The vehicle description was broadcasted to all units. Officers contacted the victim. They determined the victim and suspect, Bernard Reed 33 yrs old, were in a dating relationship. It appears that Reed tried to get the victim to work as a prostitute for him and an argument ensued. The argument became more heated and Reed assaulted the victim.  While officers were still on scene investigating, SSD located a white Buick with a matching red sticker and solo male occupant wearing a red jacket (matching the vehicle that fled the scene earlier).  SSD attempted to initiate an enforcement stop on the vehicle believing it was our suspect. The vehicle immediately fled and they initiated a pursuit. SPD K9 assisted in the pursuit. The pursuit continued and was eventually relinquished to CHP. Davis PD utilizes a spike strip and CHP later made a forcible stop near Pitt School Rd. It turned out, this was the correct vehicle that fled the motel, but it was not Bernard Reed. This subject was on parole.  SSD handled the pursuit suspect.  SPD officers later located Bernard Reed in the area of Stockton Blvd / Mack Rd. He was booked into jail for assault w/a deadly weapon and pandering.

10-248568 (Vehicle Stop): Arroyo Vista Dr / Abbeywood Cir at 2052 hours.

Officers observed two vehicles driving recklessly on Wyndham Dr turning onto Arroyo Vista. Officers stopped both vehicles. One of the vehicles has no license plates and the occupants began to act very nervous on contact. While conversing with one of the rear passengers, Rico Mondy 18yrs old, admitted to having a gun on his person. Mondy was found to have a loaded revolver in his front pants pocket and arrested.

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