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Sunday, February 24, 2013
Incidents are from shifts that start on : February 23, 2013

The information provided allows for a timely snapshot of significant events in our community.  The crimes reported here are preliminary investigations, taken in the field by patrol officers, and may or may not be assigned to a Detective for further investigation.  The information provided may be found after further investigation to be incorrect or false.  Certain details of these incidents have been removed due to potential follow up investigation into the incident and/or for privacy rights.

North Command

13-048986 (Sexual Assault): Bonfair Ave/Tynebourne St at 1605 hours.

Officers responded to a report of a sexual assault by a known suspect.  The juvenile suspect reportedly assaulted a family member and was taken into custody by responding officers.  

13-048460 (Missing Person Follow-up): 500 block of Aviator Cir at 2341 hours.

Officers continued to follow up regarding a 10-year-old missing person.  Information was received that suggested the missing juvenile was in the care of a family member.  The juvenile was eventually located, unharmed, and is back in the care of her legal guardian. 

13-049297 (Subject Stop): 400 block of Harding Ave at 2138 hours.

Officers observed a suspicious subject loitering in the area.  Upon contact with the subject it was learned that a second subject was hiding in the area and possibly armed with a gun.  When additional officers arrived, the female subject reportedly hiding was located and found to be in possession of a replica handgun.  Tammy Venegas, 41, was discovered to have multiple outstanding arrest warrants.  Venegas was booked into Sacramento County Jail for her warrants without incident.

Central Command

13-048961 (Subject Stop): 8th St / L St at 1539 hours.

Officers arrested one subject in the area for violation of the terms and conditions of his parole.

13-049079 (Attempt Pick-up): 2100 block of 17th St at 1743 hours.

Officers responded to a residence in the area in an attempt to serve an arrest warrant.  The subject police were looking for was not there; however, two other subjects with arrest warrants were located and taken into custody.




13-049241 (Disturbance): 2200 block of 19th Street at 2030 hours.

Officers responded to a report of two subjects causing a disturbance in the area of a vacant property.  Upon arrival one subject, Mehrdad Monadjem, 49, was taken into custody for his outstanding warrants.  The second subject, Robert Black, 47, began to falsely report that a stabbing was occurring around the corner in an attempt to distract the officers.  Monadjem briefly attempted to flee from officers during Black’s efforts to distract them.   Monadjem was quickly apprehended and eventually booked for his warrants and resisting arrest.  Black was also taken into custody for attempting to rescue Monadjem from police custody, falsely reporting an emergency, and resisting arrest.

13-049525 (Disturbance): H St / 19th St at 0205 hours.

One subject was transported to the hospital to be treated for a non-life threatening injury as a result of a physical altercation involving family members and friends.

13-049525 (Subject Stop): H St / 19th St at 0205 hours.

While on scene of a disturbance, officers contacted an unrelated subject/possible witness on a bicycle in the area.  Samual Schneider, 32, was found to be in possession of multiple burglary tools and taken into custody for the same.

East Command

13-048763 (Subject Stop): 15th Ave / Stockton Blvd at 1005 hours.

Officers went to make contact with a subject on a bicycle when he jumped off his bike and fled on foot.  The subject was nearly struck by a passing vehicle during his reckless attempt to flee from officers.  A perimeter was established and Bryan Larue, 29, was eventually located and taken into custody for an outstanding parolee-at-large warrant.

13-049360 (Bicycle Stop): Stockton Blvd / Fowler Ave at 2239 hours.

Officers arrested Juan Carranza, 52, for possession of narcotics after he fled from officers on a bicycle.  Juan attempted to discard the narcotics that were later recovered by officers.

South Command

13-049047 (Home Invasion): 400 block of Spinnaker Way at 1703 hours.

Multiple subjects, one of which was known to the victim, entered into the victim’s home and stole property.  One subject reportedly had a handgun.  A report was taken and this investigation is ongoing.  




13-049388 (Suspicious Occupied Vehicle): 27th Ave / Franklin Blvd at 2316 hours.

Officers arrested Marcell Jackson, 40, for his outstanding warrant after contacting him inside a parked vehicle.

13-049338 (Sexual Assault): La Fresa Ct/Shinning Star Dr at 2214 hours.

Officers responded to a report of a sexual assault by a known subject.  An information report was taken and this investigation is ongoing.

13-049335 (Suspicious Subject): 3100 block of 34th Ave at 2213 hours.

Officers arrested Martin Guevara, 30, for his outstanding violation of probation warrant.  Guevara was contacted by police after he was observed in the area of a residence possibly attempting to commit theft.

13-049365 (Subject Stop): 3rd Ave / Riverside Blvd at 2244 hours.

Officers attempted to contact three juvenile subjects, in dark clothing, past curfew riding, bicycles in the area.  The juveniles all split up and fled from officers who were able to detain one of the three individuals.  The juvenile was cited for resisting and taken home to his legal guardian.

13-049474 (DUI): Sutterville Rd / Franklin Blvd at 0103 hours.

Tony Herrera, 42, was taken into custody for DUI, driving with a suspended license, and habitual traffic offender.  Officers observed Herrera run a red light at which time he was contacted and discovered to be DUI.

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