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Wednesday, August 14, 2013
Incidents are from shifts that start on : August 13, 2013

The information provided allows for a timely snapshot of significant events in our community.  The crimes reported here are preliminary investigations, taken in the field by patrol officers, and may or may not be assigned to a Detective for further investigation.  The information provided may be found after further investigation to be incorrect or false.  Certain details of these incidents have been removed due to potential follow up investigation into the incident and/or for privacy rights.

North Command

13-216915 (Vandalism): 4500 block of Gateway Park Blvd at 0953 hours.

Leandrea Rockman, 40, was arrested for vandalism when she entered into a restaurant, that was about to open, and began causing a disturbance.  Rockman damaged a barstool and was physically resistive with responding officers who eventually booked her into jail.  Rockman was charges with possession of narcotics paraphernalia and misdemeanor vandalism. 


13-217012 (Disturbance): 3700 block of Jasmine St at 1140 hours.

Officers responded to a report of an elderly subject causing a disturbance that was possibly medically related. The victim’s family also responded and the elderly subject was taken to an area hospital to be treated. 

13-217044 (Burglary): 800 block of Turnstone Dr at 1231 hours.

The residents arrived home and saw multiple suspects fleeing from their home.  Property was taken from inside the home and the area was extensively searched with the use of a police K9.  The suspects were unable to be located and a burglary report was taken. 

13-217046 (Domestic Disturbance): Grand Ave / Marysville Blvd at 1236 hours.

Officers responded to a report for police service that ultimately was determined to be a domestic dispute.   Officers contacted both parties and it was determined that the male half was a parolee at large.   No injuries were reported and the suspect was ultimately booked for his outstanding violation of parole warrant. 

13-217090 (Domestic Violence): 1200 block of El Camino Ave at 1331 hours.

Officers responded regarding a report of domestic dispute which resulted in moderate non-life threatening injuries to the mother of the suspect’s children.  A domestic violence report was generated and the suspect is still outstanding. 

13-217374 (Domestic Violence): 3200 block of Truxel Rd at 1810 hours.

Officers responded to a report of a domestic violence and captured the suspect who attempted to elude responding officers.  The suspect’s girlfriend sustained non-life threatening injuries.  The suspect was booked for multiple charges to include domestic violence.

13-217600 (Subject Stop): Acacia Ave / Rio Linda Blvd at 2328 hours.

An officer went to contact a subject riding a bicycle who fled from the officer's signal to stop.  The subject was later found to be a Parolee at Large, and was taken into custody a few blocks from where he originally fled.  The bicycle was discovered to be stolen property from an outside jurisdiction.   The suspect was booked for his parole violation warrant and possession of stolen property.


13-217708 (Stolen Vehicle): W El Camino Ave / Northgate Blvd at 0258 hours.

Officers observed a vehicle that eventually revealed to be stolen.  The vehicle fled from the officers signal to stop and a pursuit ensued.  The chase ended when the suspect vehicle struck a wooden fence on the corner of Hawthorne St and El Camino Ave.  There were no injuries reported and approximately 25’ of wooden fence was damaged.   A felony stop was conducted and the suspect, later identified as Guy Rob, 46, was taken into custody without further incident.  Rob was also found to be a Parolee at Large.

Central Command

13-217172 (Robbery): 2300 block of J St at 1456 hours.

The police were called when two subjects walked into an area business and were acting suspicious.  The subjects left before committing a crime but their actions were believed to be unusual per store employees.  An information report was generated and the circumstances were documented. 

East Command

13-217489 (Medical Aid): Lemon Hill Ave / Power Inn Rd at 2048 hours.

Officers respond to the area, upon fire personnel's request, regarding a possible hit and run vehicle collision and a combative patient.  The vehicle collision was determined to be unfounded but the subject was transported to the hospital to be treated for an apparent medical condition.

13-217726 (Stolen Vehicle): 65th St / 14th Ave at 0346 hours.

Officers responded to a report of vehicle theft.  The victim was reportedly with a recent acquaintance over the course of the night who took his car without permission.  A stolen vehicle report was generated and the vehicle was listed as stolen. 

South Command

13-216814 (Burglary): 3000 block of Franklin Blvd at 0730 hours.

Officers responded to a report of a burglary.  Responding officers detained a few possible suspects in the area but were unable to link them to the incident.  The neighborhood was canvased for any additional evidence and a report was taken. 

13-217192 (Disturbance): 4800 block of Freeport Blvd at 1520 hours.

Officers responded to the above area regarding a subject causing a disturbance.  The subject was seen swinging a belt at passerby’s. Officers contacted the subject who discarded the belt and resisted officers’ attempts to detain him.  The subject pulled away from officers’ physical grasp and ran into vehicle traffic before being safely detained. 

13-217320 (Disturbance): 2600 block of 57th Ave at 1721 hours.

Animal control responded and took control of two large bread dogs after they attacked two other neighborhood dogs, killing one.

13-217620 (Subject Stop): Mack Rd / Alta Valley Dr at 2351 hours.

Michael Newchurch, 33, was arrested for his outstanding warrant when he was contacted by officers during a bicycle stop.

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