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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Police Academy

The Sacramento Police Department Academy, in affiliation with Los Rios Community College, conducts intensive format classes for affiliated and non-affiliated students.

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Police Academy - Basic Course (Intensive)

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The P.O.S.T. Certified Basic Academy is 24 weeks in length and provides approximately 933 hours of training (P.O.S.T. minimum 664 hours). Intensive Academy classes regularly begin in January and July. Upon completion, students earn college units and a P.O.S.T. Basic Academy Certificate. We have a highly qualified and experienced full-time staff. Professional instructors from the Sacramento Police Department and outside experts (attorneys, crime scene investigators, paramedics etc.) provide training that is reality based. Some of the topics during the police academy include:

  • Firearms Training
  • Shotgun Training
  • Arrest-Control-Baton Procedures
  • Emergency Vehicle Operations Course
  • Gas and Riot Training

View photos from the academy training and get a glimpse of what cadets experience

Sacramento graduates consistently rate high on the P.O.S.T. Proficiency Exam. The training is among the most stringent in the country, with a high degree of emphasis on quality. Law enforcement agencies who use our academy include Auburn P.D., BART P.D., Berkeley P.D., Davis P.D., Grass Valley P.D., Placer County S.D., Roseville P.D., UC Davis P.D., Rocklin P.D., and West Sacramento P.D.

Our Academy provides classroom facilities for academics, self-defense and an Emergency Vehicle Operations Course (EVOC). The Academy is located at McClellan Park and the EVOC course is located at Mather AFB, close to lodging, food and shopping. A full-time staff of driving instructors provides expert instruction in precision driving, skid pan, pursuit immobilization technique, code-3/pursuit driving.

Sacramento Police Academy

Other services provided at the Police Academy include professional training for police department staff, class room rental facilities, and range and tactical training facilities.

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Non-Affiliate Academy Information

Non-Affiliate Information

The Sacramento Police Academy is currently accepting non-affiliated students for our P.O.S.T. Certified Basic Academies. The non-affiliate class is for individuals who are interested in a career in law enforcement, but who have not been hired or sponsored by an agency.

Law Enforcement agencies may also sponsor their own candidates through the academy and upon completion, receive a Certificate of Completion for a P.O.S.T. Basic Course. This certification makes you eligible for employment by any agency within the State of California.

The Sacramento Police Academy is a P.O.S.T. intensive format and is 24 weeks in length. It is generally a 4-10 work week (four days per week, ten hours per day), for a total of 933 hours of training. The schedule may change slightly during some weeks due to some adjustments for particular training (range, emergency driving course, etc.) The academy is held during daytime hours, generally beginning at 6:00 a.m. The academy start dates are normally the first week of January and July.

Requirements for a Non-Affiliate
  • Must be at least 21 years of age upon completion of the Sacramento Police Academy
  • High School Diploma or G.E.D.
  • Minimum P.O.S.T. T-Score of 42
  • Valid CA Driver's License
  • Proof of Medical Insurance
  • Candidates must submit to and pass pre-academy fingerprint/DOJ screening
  • No adult criminal convictions
  • No disqualifying juvenile criminal convictions
  • Candidate must be able to perform all required training activities
  • Pre-academy interview (if necessary due to applicant numbers)
Training Period

Non-affiliated students are required to attend the entire training period to receive the P.O.S.T. certification. Allowances will be made on an individual basis if the student is scheduled to take an agency's test during the training period, providing the student will not miss certain area of instruction. Further, any recruit who misses in excess of 5% of the total academy hours will not achieve their P.O.S.T. certificate.


The Sacramento Police Department will furnish firearms to all academy cadets. These firearms will be used for range training and will be secured at the police academy facility during non-academy hours.


Non-affiliated students will wear the Sacramento Law Enforcement Training Center patch (call the academy staff for details). A plain uniform tie and a plain tie bar will be required, in addition to the aforementioned equipment.

Safety Equipment

Safety equipment will be loaned to the non-affiliated student by the academy. All loaned equipment must be returned in good condition before a graduation certificate will be issued.

Department Supplies

Non-affiliated students will utilize SPD General Orders, Rules and Regulations, report forms, and the SPD Report Writing Manual for the duration of the academy, or until hired by an agency. Upon being hired by an agency, the recruit shall furnish the hiring agency's radio codes, Report Writing Manual, and General Orders to the academy staff.


Non-affiliated students will be required to provide their own ammunition.

Tuition and Fees

Non-affiliates are required to pay all college fees associated with their registration and participation in the Sacramento Police Academy. The Academy provides 25 college units.

Resident (In-State) Tuition: If you are an in-state applicant (resident of California for at least one year and one day), you will be required to pay the in-state college tuition of $46 per unit. The total cost of the Academy is approximately $2,317.84 ($1,150 for college tuition and $1,167.84 for Academy fees). Prices are subject to change prior to each academy presentation.

Non-Resident (Out-of-State) Tuition: If you are an out-of-state applicant (resident of California for less than one year and one day), you will be required to pay the out-of-state college tuition of $257 per unit. The total cost of the Academy is approximately $7,592.84 ($6,425 for college tuition and $1,167.84 for Academy fees). Prices are subject to change prior to each academy presentation.

Getting Started

To begin your application for the non-affiliate cadet position with the Sacramento Police Department, download, print, and complete ALL of the forms listed below.

After completing all of the above forms, please mail or hand-deliver to:

Sacramento Police Academy
2409 Dean Street, Suite 144
McClellan, CA 95652

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Community Service Officer Training Academy

The Sacramento Police Department currently does not have a Community Service Officer Training Academy. However, Community Service Officers (Limited-Term) are required to attend our full-time 6-month Post Basic Intensive Academy.

Contact Information

For further information about the academy, hiring process, testing process and test dates, call:

  • Sacramento Police Academy: (916) 566-2418
  • Police Recruiting (Police Officer and CSO): (916) 808-0880
  • Emergency Vehicle Operations Course: (916) 228-3858
  • Sacramento Police Department Job Line: (916) 808-5627
  • City of Sacramento, Personnel Services: (916) 808-5726
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