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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Specialized Police Units

Detective Division

The mission of the Detective Division is to conduct follow-up investigations of crimes that are generally reported to Patrol Officers. Following two years in the Patrol Division, you may request a transfer to Detectives. Through additional training, you will learn the techniques of interviewing, interrogation, investigation of crime scenes, and preparing search and arrest warrants. The Detective Division is comprised of highly skilled officers who investigate crimes ranging from petty thefts to bank robberies and homicides. You will recover stolen property and facilitate its return to victims. You will seek the assistance of the community and other law enforcement agencies to prevent crime and apprehend criminals. This division is also responsible for the Crime Alert/Secret Witness Program that has proven instrumental in apprehending hundreds of criminals in the Sacramento area.

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Gang Unit and TAC Teams

The Gang Enforcement Section consists of the Gang Unit and Tactical Enforcement Teams. The Gang Unit is a plainclothes detective unit responsible for investigating street gangs operating in Sacramento, monitoring gang activity, assisting other investigative units in solving gang-related crimes, and conducting activities directed at street gangs.

As a member of a Tactical (TAC) Enforcement Team, you will be responsible for interdicting street drug dealing. The TAC teams are called upon to assist the Narcotic teams and Gang Unit in search and arrest warrant service, as well as focused enforcement of narcotic and gang activity.

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Metro Unit

The Metro Unit includes the Canine Detail, Bicycle Unit, and Air Operations. The Canine Detail provides a specialized service in support of the patrol division. Through their efforts, suspects evading arrest are apprehended in a quick and efficient fashion with minimal risk to officers.

Officers assigned to the Bicycle Unit patrol selected parts of the downtown area providing a quick and covert response to calls for service. Bicycle Unit officers use specially equipped bicycles to help them maneuver through traffic.

The Unit also has an Explosive Ordinance Detail (EOD). Selected officers are trained to respond and handle explosives and bomb-related incidents. You will receive specialized training with continual refresher courses and seminars to ensure optimum performance and safety.

Each of these assignments requires the selection of officers who have exhibited exemplary performance and devotion to duty.

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Patrol Division

The Patrol Division is the backbone of the Department. As a Patrol Officer, you will perform a variety of duties such as criminal and motor vehicle collision investigations, report writing, apprehending suspects, recovering stolen property, and locating missing persons. Patrol Officers work closely with citizens, enlisting their support for crime prevention efforts and exchanging information to ensure the safety and peace of our community.

Patience and understanding are two important attributes of Patrol Officers. They are often the first to arrive at a scene, offering aid and comfort to victims. The Patrol Officer is the most visible and readily accessible member of the Police Department. The high level of service they provide to the citizens of Sacramento is our trademark.

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Special Investigations Division

A major problem facing our society today is drugs and the involvement of gangs in drug sales. The Narcotics Section is responsible for conducting criminal investigations of drug-related crimes ranging from street dealing to major drug trafficking. Special teams investigate illegal drug activity by using information obtained from their own informants and the community. As a member of this team, you will rely on surveillance technology, informants, search warrants, and other methods to advance investigations. This unit requires highly motivated individuals who don't object to working long hours and who can react quickly in response to rapidly changing conditions.

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Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT)

The Special Weapons And Tactics Team is a group of highly trained and disciplined police officers uniquely qualified to respond to specific emergency situations. As a member of the S.W.A.T. team, you are expected to perform in a number of physically and mentally demanding situations such as barricaded subjects, sniper situations, hostage rescues, high-risk warrant service, and dignitary protection.

You will receive intensive tactical training in covert movement, building searches, and handling critical incidents. You will utilize state-of-the-art weapons systems and equipment. You are required to maintain a high degree of physical and mental conditioning.

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Traffic Division

If you desire motorcycle duty, the Traffic Division is the place to get it. Upon completion of comprehensive training, your responsibilities will typically include radar enforcement, driving-while-impaired investigations, routine traffic operations and control, and the investigation of injury collisions. Education and prevention is a job undertaken by motor officers. You will visit schools, give community presentations, and make media presentations whenever necessary to familiarize the community with the importance of good traffic safety.

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Youth and Family Services

Youth and Family Services conducts investigations of family abuse and domestic violence cases and provides a variety of community-oriented programs. Some of the programs offered are business security surveys, neighborhood watch presentations, Operation Identification, senior safety, and Crime Prevention for the Disabled. The energetic and conscientious personnel in this section facilitate, encourage and maintain communication channels between the Police Department and the community. The section maintains positive relations with neighborhood groups, community organizations, and civic and business leaders.

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