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For Immediate Release No. 20090318-044
Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Undercover Detectives Seize 10 Kilos of Cocaine

Sacramento Police Narcotic Detectives conducted a two-month long investigation resulting in the seizure of over ten kilos of cocaine, ¾ pound of crystal methamphetamine, a stolen gun, and the arrest of five people. 

In January 2009, detectives received information on an organization that was trafficking large quantities of cocaine in the Sacramento region.  In February 2009, narcotics detectives concluded their investigation with the service of multiple search warrants resulting in a large seizure of narcotics and the arrest of five people.   Search warrants were served on the 6600 block of Carnation, 3500 block of La Grande, 8100 block of Torrente, and 7100 block of South Land Park Drive.   At this time, we are not releasing the names or photographs of the suspects arrested on the drug case.

At one point, during this intense investigation, an undercover detective was in the 6600 block of Carnation.  He was approached by neighbors of the suspects involved in this case and asked if he wanted to purchase marijuana.  When the detective declined to purchase the marijuana, the neighbors went into their house, retrieved handguns and shot at the detective as he tried to drive away.  The suspects were not related to the original investigation and were arrested for attempt murder charge.  The suspects arrested were 22-year-old Albert Vargas and 25-year-old Seggran Pillal. 

Photo of Narcotics Seizure

Photo of Narcotics Seizure

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