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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Chief Rick Braziel Will Stay in Sacramento

The Sacramento Police Department is pleased to announce that Chief Rick Braziel has withdrawn his name from consideration for the Chief of Police position in Seattle and will remain Chief of Police in Sacramento.

Chief Braziel said, "Throughout this process, I have always been clear and candid that even though I was exploring this opportunity in Seattle, I was unsure if I would be willing to leave Sacramento.  Not only would Seattle have to feel that I was the right choice, but I would have to feel that Seattle was a good fit for me.  For months, I have been torn between making a tremendous life-changing decision of relocating to Seattle and leaving behind an organization and community that I love."

After several conversations with Sacramento City leaders, community members, employees of the Sacramento Police Department, and his family, Chief Braziel made the decision to remain in Sacramento.  "I have been, and continue to be honored to be Chief of Police in Sacramento," said Chief Braziel.

Chief Braziel wants to thank Seattle City leaders as well as the entire community for considering him as a candidate for their Chief of Police.  He appreciates all the support he has received from that community and is confident that the Seattle Police Department will find a Chief who will be a good fit for their City.

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