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Thursday, September 02, 2010

Sacramento Ride Safe

Did you know that September is "Sacramento Ride Safe" month?  September has been deemed "Sacramento Ride Safe" month by the Sacramento Police Department in an effort to reduce traffic collisions involving bicyclists.

In the United States each year, there is an average of 900 bicycle-related deaths and more than 500,000 bicycle-related injuries requiring hospital emergency room treatment.  This year in Sacramento, collisions involving bicyclists, that have resulted in fatalities or serious injury, are on the rise.  

Throughout the month of September, officers will be on alert for bicycle and motorcycle riders who are not following the law.  The main objective will be to enforce traffic laws, educate the public, and reduce the number of bicycle-related collisions.

"As a cyclist, I'm aware of the dangers that exist on the roadways.  We must all make a conscious effort to ride safely, follow traffic laws, and be aware of our surroundings," said Police Chief Rick Braziel.

Please remember the following tips when bicycling:

  • Bicycles are vehicles with the same rights, rules, and responsibilities
  • On every ride, wear a helmet that meets federal safety standards
  • Check for traffic and be aware of the traffic around you
  • Ride single file in the same direction as other traffic
  • Always use hand signals
  • Wear bright clothes to be visible
  • Avoid cycling at night

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