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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

It's The Season of Giving.....Not Taking

Police Warn Public of Holiday Scams

The holiday season is approaching and the Sacramento Police Department wants residents to be aware of opportunistic criminals and the scams that run rampant during this time of year.

Many holiday scams are variations of tricks you may encounter at any time of the year. The best thing to do to protect yourself from becoming a victim is to be aware that these scams exist. 

Charity-Related Holiday Scams

Holidays are the best time for scammers to tug on our heartstrings. The most likely place you'll encounter them is at shopping centers or places where you will be spending money.  These scammers will often times tell you that they are collecting money for a charity. If you don't have time to check out how genuine the charity or collector is, simply don't give. If you want to help, find the charity name and donate directly. Look donation collectors actually inside stores, they're a safer bet.


When in large crowds, be aware of potential pickpockets.  If they steal your wallet, they'll have not only your money but also your credit cards and personal information that could lead to identify theft.  With a quick bump or a distraction from an accomplice, they can remove your wallet from your pocket or purse in seconds.   Keep your wallet inside a closed purse or in a pocket with your hand on it. Leave non-essential identifying information and spare credit cards at home. If parking in a public place, lock gifts and expensive items out of sight in the trunk.

We provide additional crime prevention tips on our website; the more you know, the safer you'll be.  Please visit our website at and click on the "Be Safe" option to find out how to better protect you and your property during the holiday season.

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