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For Immediate Release No. 20110120-017
Thursday, January 20, 2011

2010 Crime Statistics Released

The Sacramento Police Department is releasing crime statistics for 2010. The statistics show that property crimes decreased city wide but violent crimes increased.

Felony Assaults         +2.9%

Homicides                 +6.5%

Burglary                    -2.6%

Auto theft                  -3.4%

Rape                         -8.4%

Theft                         -4.9%

Robbery                    -7.1%

The overall yearly total showed a decrease in crime of 3.6%. "We are proud that we were able to reduce many of our property crime numbers but are very concerned that violent crime appears to be on the rise" said Chief Rick Braziel. 

As violence in the city increases, assaults on our officers increase as well. Since 2005, incidents where suspects resist and/or assault officers have increased by 58%. Just this past week, we have had four incidents where officers were assaulted and injured by suspects while being taken into custody.   

With the increase in violent crimes, we have also had an increase in gang related incidents in the city. From 2006 to 2010 we have seen gang incidents increase by 55%. Currently we have nearly 4,700 gang members within the Sacramento region.

The violent crime statistics include an increase in the number of incidents involving guns. Specifically, shootings into inhabited dwellings or vehicles are up over 22%. Shootings into uninhabited dwellings or vehicles are up approximately 63% and shootings at individuals are up nearly 12%. With these alarming numbers, we are fortunate the number of homicides were not greater.

As the Sacramento Police Department struggles with budget cuts, lower staffing, and reductions throughout the criminal justice system, we continue to manage our resources with community safety as our top priority.

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