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For Immediate Release No. 20110213-029
Sunday, February 13, 2011

Police Study "Hot Spot Policing"


The Sacramento Police Department is looking for ways to prevent crime with fewer resources through a study in "Hot Spot Policing." 

The Sacramento Police Department's Crime Analysis Unit is currently conducting a 90-day study on "Hot Spot Policing" that started on February 8, 2011.  "Hot Spot Policing" is based on a 1995 Minnesota study, where officers focus on reductions to reported crimes and calls for service through location-based rather than the traditional offender-based policing. The "hot spots" are small geographic areas with chronic high crime or high calls for service histories. The Minnesota study concluded that the optimum time for patrol officers to be visible at each "hot spot" would be for short periods throughout the day.  In prior studies this approach showed significant crime reduction at the hot spots with very little displacement to other locations. 

The Sacramento Police Department is partnering with George Mason University Center for Evidence Based Crime Policy to conduct the study.  Officers will being going to "hot spots" identified within the city during the 90-day period for short periods of time randomly throughout their shift.  Once the study is concluded the data will be analyzed to see if were any reduction in crime reported or calls for service in the "hot spots." 

"In these difficult economic times we must look for private public partnerships, for creative and innovative ways to maximize the resources we have.  As an organization we are constantly looking for the most effective way to make our community safer," said Chief Rick Braziel.




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