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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Con Artist Will Have to Do Some Fast Talking

The Sacramento Police Department has charged 68-year-old Victoria Roldan-Cajina with fraud. 

Detectives believe Roldan-Cajina created an elaborate scheme to defraud people of services and money.   Roldan-Cajina created an identity as Doctor Victoria Roldan- Cajina with a degree in psychiatry from Cambridge University.  Doctor Roldan-Cajina partnered with a fictitious Doctor Helmuth Hollstiener who also graduated from Cambridge University but as a neurosurgeon.  Together the two fictitious doctors established a nonprofit organization to provide educational, medical, and counseling services to the underprivileged in Sacramento.  The nonprofit was called Sacramento Bilingual and Training Agency.  It was through this nonprofit organization that Victoria Roldan-Cajina committed fraud.

The Sacramento Bilingual and Training Agency attempted to obtain Federal grants, held a fake fundraiser for the election of Obama as President, had staff and board members that were never paid, contracted for IT assistance which was never paid, and wrote over $50,000 in checks with less than $4,000 in deposits.  Roldan-Cajina even leased a building at 2010 Alhambra Boulevard and had the building remodeled for approximately $50,000 without ever paying the contractor.  To complete the remodeling, Roldan-Cajina had the building painted at a cost of $11,000 which was also never paid. 

The Police Department began its investigation into Roldan-Cajina in 2009 when a victim reported fraudulent checks being issued by the suspect.  A detective assigned to our Financial Crimes section investigated the case and arrested her in Colorado in 2010.  After conducting additional investigation, the case was presented to the Sacramento District Attorney's Office who agreed to charge the suspect with fraud.

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