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For Immediate Release No. 20110420-064
Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Registered Sex Offender Notification Via E-mail

The Sacramento Police Department wants the community to know that they can obtain sex offender registration information via E-mail.

The official website of the Sacramento Police Department has the ability to not only locate sex offenders in specific neighborhoods, but also allows the user to sign up to receive email notifications whenever a sex offender registers to an address in a neighborhood. To do so, visit the website at On the left side of the screen, click on the "Be Safe" tab which will open another list.  On that list, click on the "Is Your Family at Risk" tab. This page provides the user with additional links for sex offender information. From there, the user can look at the entire list of offenders registered with the Sacramento Police Department or just those in a specific neighborhood.

Clicking on the tab, "View the Community Presentation" will provide the user with detailed information on how to navigate through the "Offender Watch" portion of the website. The "Register For Email Alerts" link is where the user can sign up to receive email notifications of offenders registering in their neighborhoods. Click on the link and enter the requested information. The Sacramento Police Department has partnered with the Sacramento Sheriff's Department to offer this service.

Because public safety is a top priority, the Sacramento Police Department wants the community to be educated and informed on ways to keep themselves and their families safe. Remember, many sex offenders register as transient and as such, will not be found on a neighborhood search but may actually reside in that neighborhood. You can also visit  for crime data and to obtain information about sex offenders, including mapping.

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