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For Immediate Release No. 20110427-071
Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Police Partner with EmFinder To Help Find At-Risk Missing Persons

The Sacramento Police Department has partnered with EmFinder to provide an option for families dealing with chronic at-risk missing persons that have cognitive disorders such as Alzheimer's, dementia, or autism.

EmFinders provides a service using EmSeeQ® wearable locator system to quickly locate individuals who are prone to wandering due to cognitive disorders.  EmSeeQ can track the whereabouts of a missing person anywhere in the U.S. where cellular service coverage exists. The wearable watch-like EmSeeQ system uses the nationwide U-TDOA cellular technology to accurately determine the location of the device wearer, enabling rescuers to quickly find the person.  The special needs individual wears the bracelet 24/7 or as needed, based on the unique situation. If the individual is missing or has wandered off, the caregiver calls 911 to report the person missing and then contacts EmFinders to activate the EmSeeQ device. The personal bracelet device places a call to 911 and provides its location to dispatchers who can then direct responders to the specific location.

"The Police Department strives to anticipate trends and implement leading-edge technologies that allow us to be proactive, rather than reactive, especially now as budgets are lean and resources are precious," said Sacramento Chief of Police Rick Braziel. "The EmFinders system allows us to quickly locate missing persons, while greatly minimizing police resources."

EmFinders has provided the Sacramento Police Department a quantity of EmSeeQ bracelets for free.  Families selected by the Police Department to receive the devices are responsible for registering with the EmFinders system and paying a $25 fee per month for location services. EmSeeQ devices are also available for purchase as a tool to help in the search and rescue of vulnerable people who are prone to becoming lost and may be unable to identify themselves or ask for help. 

For more information about EmFinders' EmSeeQ emergency locator system, please visit or contact the Sacramento Police Department's Missing Persons Unit at (916) 808-0560.

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