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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Police Chief Rick Braziel Announces His Retirement

After 33 years of dedicated service to the Sacramento Police Department, Chief Rick Braziel has announced his retirement.  It is with great honor that the men and women of the Sacramento Police Department have served under the innovative leadership of Chief Braziel.   

He has been an integral member of the Sacramento Police Department since 1979, a second generation police officer spending his entire adult life dedicated to the safety of the community and to his law enforcement family.  His father, Dick Braziel, served the Department for over 20 years.  Chief Braziel admires the work, dedication and commitment of the men and women of the Sacramento Police Department, which makes his decision in closing this chapter of his law enforcement career bittersweet.

Chief Braziel was the right leader at the right time, navigating the Police Department through great fiscal challenges and ultimately guiding it to its current stage of rebuilding.   With the current positive economic indicators, Chief Braziel believes that this is the optimal time for him to allow the next leader the opportunity to guide the Police Department into the future.  "My job was to run as hard and far as possible, then pass the baton to the next chief who will run faster and farther than me," said Chief Braziel.

Chief Braziel was sworn in as the 43rd Chief of Police on January 9, 2008.  He served five years as the Police Department's Chief and today, has announced, he will be retiring effective December 29, 2012.   

One of his main priorities was to develop a succession plan with this date in mind. "My priority was to develop and put in place a leadership team that would someday take the reins. I have done that and have complete faith in the leadership abilities that are in place in the Sacramento Police Department."  


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