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Monday, April 22, 2013

National Volunteer Week

The Sacramento Police Department would like to thank our extraordinary police volunteers for the work they do each and every day. 

The police department currently has 185 dedicated volunteers in our Volunteers in Police Services (VIPS) program and they range in age from 18 to 86 years young.  In 2012, our volunteers collectively donated 16,500 hours to the Sacramento Police Department! 

The Sacramento Police Department VIPS assist in most every area of the department including; Patrol, Investigations, Forensics, Property, and our Fiscal Divisions.  We also have volunteers that work closely with our K-9 and Mounted Units.

Volunteers are essential team members for special and community events, such as; parades, races, and fairs.  They also assist on critical incidents, DUI checkpoints, providing traffic control for road closures and perform as role players for the Sacramento Police Academy recruit scenarios.

Sacramento Police Volunteers are invaluable and are an integral unit that supports the behind the scene activities that help keep our community safe and informed.  Examples of some of our extraordinary volunteers include:

Volunteer Barbara Falcon who is our Neighborhood Watch Program Coordinator.  She teaches with an intense passion for our community, and motivates neighbors to get involved in neighborhood watch. She continues to push everyday for a safer Sacramento.

Volunteer Wilkie Liang volunteered 772 hours in 2012.  Every weekend Wilkie raises and lowers the flag at the Hall of Justice on Freeport Boulevard. 

Volunteer Diane Lawrence donated 878 hours in 2012 and works on the day to day operations of the VIPS Unit. 

Volunteer Penn Yee has been with the Department for 15 years and has worked every DUI checkpoint in 2012.

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The Mission of the Sacramento Police Department is to work in partnership with the Community to
protect life and property, solve neighborhood problems, and enhance the quality of life in our City.