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Saturday, February 28, 2015

File Online Reports

Identity Theft/Financial Identity Theft *
Someone other than you obtains credit, goods or services using your social security number, drivers license number, credit card numbers, or other identifying information. For example, someone opens a credit card account or phone service using your information. Be sure to get and keep all papers, receipts, cancelled checks, mail from companies, etc. related to this crime. File Online Report.

* After filing your online report, be sure to visit Preventing and Recovering from Identity Theft for additional reporting instructions. *

Financial Crimes
Financials crime to include scams and any other incidents that do not fit in the categories listed. File Online Report.

Mail Theft and Burglary of Mail Boxes
To report mail theft and burglary of mail boxes, please call the United States Postal Inspection Service at (877) 876-2455, or you may wish to file a report online at

Your property is taken without your permission. For example, a bicycle from a yard or a purse from shopping cart. Exception: Do not file an online report for a gun theft, call 916-264-5471 to file your report. File Online Report.

Theft of Catalytic Converter
Your catalytic converter has been removed and taken from your vehicle. Click FLYER for information on catalytic converter theft and prevention. File Online Report.

Theft From Vehicle
Property is stolen from your locked/unlocked vehicle. For example, items such as clothes, books, purse, garage door opener taken from inside your locked or unlocked vehicle. Exception: Do not file an online report for a gun theft, call 916-264-5471 to file your report. File Online Report

Theft of Recyclables
City and State law prohibit the theft of any recyclable materials. If you see someone other than an authorized person removing recyclables from a recycling cart or bin, obtain the vehicle license number, car description, time of the theft, description of the person(s), and note the direction they were heading. For your safety, do NOT confront the recycling thieves. File Online Report.

Residential and Business Burglary
Property taken from a building/residence without the owner's permission. File Online Report.

Any property stolen from an open roll-up garage door. File Online Report.

Any property stolen from an elevated balcony attached to a residence. File Online Report.

Please document in your report if the items stolen were from your elevated balcony or from an open roll-up garage door.

Lost Property
When property is missing or lost. For example, leaving items in a restaurant or missing items from home. File Online Report.

Child Custody
When a parent or guardian fails to show up to either drop off or pick up a child as outlined in an existing court ordered visitation agreement. File Online Report.

Illegal Dumping
Illegal dumping includes the depositing of rubbish, waste matter, or garden refuse on City streets in any manner other than those authorized by the City of Sacramento. The report will be forwarded to Code Enforcement for review. You will only be contacted if follow up is necessary. File Online Report.

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