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For Immediate Release No. 20171122-155
Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Department Approaches Completion of Crisis Intervention Training

In January 2017, the Sacramento Police Department (SPD) presented a proposal to the Sacramento City Council to provide a 40-hour Crisis Intervention Training (CIT) to all officers and first-line supervisors.  The proposal was approved by Sacramento City Council who allocated $750,000 for completion of the training.  The training was initially assessed to be completed within 18-24 months.


To date 577 sworn, eight (8) dispatchers, and five (5) park rangers have completed the 40-hourCIT course.  We anticipate that all field officers (patrol) and first-line supervisors (sergeants) will have completed the training by the end of January 2018.  This includes the December 2017 graduating class of the Sacramento Police Academy.


The training is being provided by two organizations, The California Police Officers Association (CPOA) and Disability Response.  Both organizations have a history providing effective CIT training throughout the region and state.  The training curriculum is based on a national best practices approach known as the “Memphis Model”.  In addition, all of the training is certified by the California Police Officer Standards and Training (POST).


CIT instructors include psychologists, mental health professionals, educators, family members, and consumers.  Law enforcement personnel only instruct during a small segment (three hours) of the training.  As a result,  CIT training gives law enforcement professionals perspective, skills, and tools that assist them in achieving positive outcomes.  Moving forward, our plan is to hold two CIT classes a year to accommodate new employees.


In addition to the 40-hour course, a four-hour course on Crisis Intervention and Behavior Health has been added to the yearly Continued Professional Training, exceeding the requirements of State Senate Bill 11.   All officers and line-level supervisors will be required to attend this training. 


We appreciate the leadership and support of our mayor and city council on this very important issue.  Helping people who are experiencing a mental health crisis continues to be one of the most complex and potentially volatile interactions that a police officer may face.  It is vital that we give our officers the tools and training needed to achieve a successful outcome.  We are confident that CIT training will allow officers to better support the overall mental health efforts of our community.

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